crab scratcher

September 17, 2010

Today at school was so fun! I don't know , what I'd do If it weren't for Ats, Getter, Kaisa and all the others. Because after the two first weeks, school is back to its boringness. Luckily , tomorrow is Getter's birthday, all of the best people are going to be there, and I'm so sure that it is going to be superfun! Plus i get to give Getter my present, that I've been working on the whole week. I've been so busy, trying to divide my time between, school, her present, badminton and studying. But I did it ! :)

polka-dot shirt from the flea market at Põlva, cardigan from Lindex, Only jeans, selfmade accesories, a really old bag :)

The handles of the bag broke and I decided to put chains instead. Yes, it hurts a bit, but it's worth it :)


  1. LOve this!! its perfect from top to bottom!


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