library experience

January 05, 2011

I've worn this outfit several times before, but today I decided to take pictures of it. We were in the library and I like the setting. We chose the isle that had nearly no one around so we could take them. In that isle were physics and science books. Getter wasn't brave and took two pictures, hoping that they would be enough. That's why they are a bit blurry, but I'll survive. It's a quickie post.
Tomorrow I'm going to a thrift  store with Grete. I've never been there, but I've heard a lot of good about it. Hoping to bring something new to my wardrobe. I'm running out of clothes that haven't been on the blog yet.
thrifted jacket, shirt from BikBok in Latvia, only jeans, my mom's Colombia boots, vintage clutch, my mom's school ring, charm-bracelet that I got for Christmas

Here's the charm-bracelet that I got for Christmas. I love it, it is so comfortable to wear it every day. I wanted to buy some new charms and replace some of the dolphins, but I'm not sure, how the Eiffel tower would match with 5 dolphins.. Have to figure that one out.

And I would like to thank all my followers for being so sweet. I love finding new comments under my posts. It really makes me try harder and work on my blog more. You're the best, guys :)


  1. see pole charmbracelet, kui seal ainult delfiinid on, nii see on kanaarisaarte-bracelet :D

  2. i love the fact that theyre taken in a library!

  3. Carolin u so mean. It's a charmbracelet IN MAKING!!!

  4. Kena! Ma vist ei julgeks raamatukogus pildistada. Ilus käevõru, mulle delfiinid meeldivad.

  5. thanks everyone :)
    LeLa: me ka eriti ei julgenud.. ning aitäh, mulle meeldivad ka need :)
    SImple: thanks, I got it from my mom


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)