steps of the Met

April 14, 2011

Today is Roosi's birthday, so after school, we had a cup of coffee and since the weather was perfect, decided to drink it on the stairs at Liberty square, the "stairs of the Met" in Tallinn . Obviously it was the perfect people-watching spot. Next to us was a nice group of tourists from Spain, and the picture of the three of us is taken by Juan, a nice spanish guy :) Later, he also took a picture of us with his camera, said it is just for him.. and pretended to have lost his group , luckily we could show him the right way.
I'm so happy about my trench, I love the colour and it fits just perfectly ! I was planning to wear it with my new flats tomorrow, but then.... In the evening, I went on a little shopping tour with my mom. I had planned to buy myself a pair of totally unpractical, but comfortable shoes( kind of like my golden sandals, seen here) . Just when we were slowly leaving the shop , I spotted it. A cape, a cape, a cape, a cape . No second thoughts, it's mine now :)

h&m trenchcoat from the flea market, burberry scarf, I got the gloves for christmas, last year's shoes which I'm planning to replace, sunnies from the flea market

by Juan

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  1. Mõnusad meeleolukad pildid ja trench on tõesti ilus :)


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