The duckling

June 28, 2011

I went to the seaside to snap these photos with my sister and we encountered a swan couple and little ducklings.
Summer break is pretty much the same as it has been so far. Watching a lot of HIMYM, reading a bit... Tomorrow I'm going thrift shopping with Getter and on Thursday I might go to the beach. Let's see how it turns out :)

thrifted+DIY shorts, random+DIY top, hat from seppälä, Tallinn2011+DIY bag, belt worn as a bracelet, DIY bracelet, shoes from a local store
(a lot of doing it myself included in this outfit)


  1. wowpow. nice pants ja cool kott :)

  2. Ouuuu wow!! nice bracelets and sandals!

    besos from Barcelona!


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