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July 10, 2011

Yesterday I went to a one-day music festival Eesti Pops. It was mainly to see Ewert and the Two Dragons, who are a really big favourite of mine, but the last band, Röövel Ööbik, was absolutely fantastic. I finally got to dance, dance, dance and enjoy the summer night. Afterwards we headed to Rooftop Cinema. It was my first time there and I can't really understand why I hadn't been there before. It was really cool. A bunch of people sitting on the rooftop of a shopping centre, at night, watching a totally weird old movie. We went to see "Dr.Strangelove" and I think that it really was strange. But they show all kinds of movies that you normally wouldn't find. I'm sure that everyone will find their favourite from there. They have showed "Breakfast at Tiffany's" about three times. So, everyone in Estonia, if you haven't been there yet, please go :)

When I chose that outfit, then I had been listening to Frankie Goes to Hollywood the whole morning and I sense that I was a bit inspired by that. And of course I needed to be comfortable dancing and sitting on the ground (which means no skirts ). In the end it was a bit cold ( read: I wouldn't have survived if the Rooftop Cinema hadn't had blankets), but I fell in love with the shorts !! I also really like my new nailpolish, very Chanel, don't you think? :) And my crazy hair is the result of braids that Kaisa made me and I wore for 3 days.

(The title is from a Scissor Sisters song "Any which way" .)

thrifted shorts and blazer, bag, earrings and sunglasses from the flea market, random brand ballerinas, top from my mom, cuff from an estonian version of ebay


  1. :D Love the blazer. And I agree with your comment about that nail polish. That shade is very chic. Not too plain, not too crazy. :)

    Castle Fashion

  2. wowowow. sooo chic! ja ma niii tahtsin ka eesti popsile minna(rahaprobleemid!)

  3. Oh mind küll, alles nüüd taipasin su blogis korralikult uudistada ja - I'm glad I did. Su stiil on väga imetlusväärne, classy & retro. Su küünelaki valikud on ka väga silmapaistvad ning huvitavad.


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