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July 04, 2011

The past two days have been the best ones of my summer ! Prepare yourself for a long recap :)

I met up with Getter on Saturday. We went to an awesome concert at the rooftop cinema. 4 orchestras played film music( and folk music..) and the last coolest orchestra was from Sweden . They played a lot of great songs, but most of all they made my dream come true- they played Moon River. I've wanted to hear Moon River played by an orchestra for so long and it was amazing.
Then we headed to the old town and ended up having coffee. We had to be at the port at midnight. One of the capital of culture's projects is a thing called  Guerilla Cinema. It's at a difference place every time and they show a movie according to the location. You have to register and you get a text message/e-mail about two days before and they tell you where it is. You get to know the movie when it starts. This time it was on a ship !!
At the beginning it was just a huge mess, then a lady told us that we are going to be on the ship until 4, Getter was bummed because it meant about 1,5 hours of sleep for her, I thought " Fun, let's not sleep at all today". The movie was "Bitter Moon" by Roman Polanski and it was.. OK. A bit surreal, but it was interesting until the end and there were absolutely no cliches. Then we were all ordered to go to the deck to have cocktails and watch the sunrise together. It was so cool to see how it was already light outside and we had spent the night on a ship watching a movie. The sunrise was absolutely breathtaking, the water around got kind of a yellowish glow and it was beautiful. It was the first time I've ever watched sunrise in my life( there's was a failed attempt last year, but it doesn't count).
We took a taxi to my place and arrived there at 5. By then Getter had given up and agreed to not go to sleep. For the first 45 minutes we just talked, but then we decided to play Scrabble! It kept our minds fresh and gave us something to do. And just as we were finishing the game, our alarm clock went off and it was time to "get up" and have a huge cup of coffee to stay awake another day.
It was the day of the Song Celebration which in Estonia is a huge thing. At first there's a big parade through the city to the Song Festival grounds, where all the singers and dancers wave at the crowds that are watching it and everybody is happy and careless.Then is a concert. I got to be in the parade , since I pretended to be a part of my school's choir. We were one of the first ones to get to the Song Festival grounds and had about 8 hours of free time( until "we" had to go on the stage). So most of the day we spend just lying in the shadow and since Getter and I were so tired, spoke a lot of nonsense. Afterwards, I joined Kaisa to watch the concert. As always it is just breathtaking. There were about  22 000 singers singing to 46 000 spectators. Despite the heat and sun it was and always will be a magical experience.
Then , tired but happy as I was, I came home and was extremely happy to have a soft bed waiting for me.

Here's what I wore on Saturday and on the first 5 hours of Sunday . When I chose what to wear, it somehow reminded me of Minnie Mouse and she wore bowties and pearls, right? :)

 vintage blouse, vintage skirt, thrifted belt, clutch from my mom, sunnies from the flea market, random pearls that I got for my birthday from getter 3 years ago (?), hair comb from the flea market
the festival seen from Getter's place at the top of the choir's stage


  1. lovely snaps! great memories

  2. I love the outfit! The skirt is amazing!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day!!!! I absolutely adore your outfit, the skirt and top are soooo amazing! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)


  4. Hei! Mul on küsimus kino kohta.. Kas sa saad nüüd iga kord kutse sinna või ainult see üks kord pärast registreerumist?? Mul tekkis huvi peale sinu postituse lugemist, aga selle filmi vihjed on ööliblikad, punased laternad ja alaealistele mittesoovitatav.. Ma ei tahaks mingit pornokat näha, aga kas see tähendab, et järgmisele kutset ei saa... Tänud, kui sa viitsid vastata :D:D

  5. Anonymous: Kui oled ühe korra registreerunud, siis saad igale seansile kutse. Millalgi soovitan kindlalt minna, see on ülivinge !


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