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July 02, 2011

Yesterday evening I went to see the Song and Dance Celebration which is an extremely important and famous event here in Estonia. People all over the country come together and sing and dance our folk songs and dances and national songs. There are thousands of dancers and they form different shapes. It's really wonderful. Of course where I sat, I couldn't really see the shapes.. Yesterday was the opening and the first show of the Dance Celebration. On Sunday I'm going to see the Song Celebration also which is even more powerful !

And a really really big thank you to all my 100 wonderful followers ! 

vintage skirt ( previously worn as a dress here) , random top, belt from my mom, thrifted bag, necklace from expressions, shoes from my aunt


  1. love your style!great outfit,the skirt, the bag, the nail polish and the necklace are gorgeous!
    lovely post.really like ur blog dear.i am following now.hope u'll follow me back :)

  2. Your necklace is so gorgeous! That festival looks like a lot of fun!


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