What she wore

July 27, 2011

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends, Kaisa. I thought that she deserves an outfitpost, being one of the most awesome persons I know :)
Usually, people who meet Kaisa get the idea that she's a shy and quiet girl. But then she might have a spontaneous dance battle with someone at a party or start giggling for no good reason(she usually says that an old joke came to her mind.. riiiight). Kaisa is a total realist, she takes thing as they are, doesn't make them prettier or uglier. She has her feet on the ground, I would say.
Kaisa loves animals and nature, and especially bugs. One day she will become a veterinarian, or she even might run the Tallinn Zoo. Who knows ?!
I'm extremely grateful to have a friend like Kaisa. Happy birthday again, babe !

shirt- lindex+DIY(by me)
shorts-selfmade(by Kaisa)


  1. n'aww she's beautiful!
    I love those shorts can't believe they're handmade!
    Follow and comment and I'll follow back?

  2. oh, ma tean teda! :D ta on mu klassiõe sugulane või siis sõber. igatahes hästi tore inimene! :)

  3. woow. ilus pluus ja ilus kaisa! :)


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