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July 25, 2011

Today , Getter and I went shopping for birthday gifts for Kaisa. I just finished making her gift more awesome than it was . I know she doesn't read my blog , but you can never be too careful, I wouldn't want to spoil it for her. I promise pictures after her birthday, which is tomorrow. One more friend to join the 17 club !
In Seppälä we found out that all of their sunglasses were only for 2,8€ . The difficult part was to choose a pair. I finally went for these round ones, which also come in pink. I'm so happy to have more than one decent pair on sunglasses now !
Another cool touristy photo. We asked a guy to take a picture of us, but I think he understood that he should take a picture of us and the church. Anyhow, this is the St.John's church, where our school's annual Christmas sermon is held. One of the dullest churches in Tallinn, I think.
(my mom's) top- forever 21
random brand flats
rings-flea market

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  1. Really nice blog Piia !!!!
    We love it.
    Your pics are great and your are always smiling :)
    We follow you right now !

    Love from London Wishes


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