The 1st of September

September 01, 2011

Today was the official back-to-school day here in Estonia. Mine went well, just as usual. We had a gathering in the school hall, then our teacher talked a bit and that was it. Afterwards, to celebrate the starting of a new school year I went to Vapiano with the girls. I had a really good cocktail, which felt way to summerish to drink in the beginning of September. Now I've already packed my things for the real school day tomorrow and the celebratory cake is baking in the oven.
For today I chose an outfit that would still be reminiscent of summer, but I paired it with my fall accessories- my new schoolbag(which you'll probably see a lot!) and my high-heeled oxfords.
And how cute is this courtyard in the old town ?! I love how the grass has grown as borders to the cobble stones.

pleated skirt-thrifted
top- selfmade(from our collection for the school fashion show)
shoes-random brand
bag-JOUNI exclusive


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  2. I love this outfit, so so cute!

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  4. Wow, the shoes and skirt are fabulous !

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  5. thanx lovely for the sweet comment:)
    pretty look love the skirt:)kisses

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  8. Beautiful skirt and a wonderful ring!


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