close enough

October 04, 2011

Last Friday we had amazing weather ! I was finally able to wear my beloved cape with nothing underneath to keep me warm. To celebrate the hectic week finally ending and the super-warm sun, Getter, Kaisa and I decided to grab lemon ice cream and people watch at our favourite spot.

This week is going to be interesting. Our school has guests from Hungary and I get to be one of the receiving families. This means that I have a Hungarian girl called Beatrix living with me for 5 days ! It's going to be difficult, though, to try to divide my time between school and studying and showing her all the best places in Tallinn. And hopefully I will be able to go to visit them in Hungary in spring !!

The outfit was very much inspired by Lindsey. But lately it seems that I forget all about shoes. I just put on my flats, because they're comfortable and "close enough". Seeing these photos I thought that no, definitely not close enough. Even worse, when I came home, I saw a pair of my mother's shoes that would have been perfect with the outfit. So from now on, I'll try to be more versatile when it comes to footwear.

cape- Tintoretto c/o Kaubamaja
dress- random brand
ring and earrings- selfmade


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  2. wow! So cute! I really love all your outfits! So cute!!

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