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November 13, 2011

Friday was the big day- the play-off match between Estonia and Ireland. The game was awful, to say the least. As pretty much everyone else, I think it's partially the umpire's fault, but the Estonians didn't play well. I don't judge them though, it's our first time ever in the play-offs and that's already wonderful itself.
We spent the night at Merelle's , celebrating her birthday and afterwards went to the old town just to find out that there wasn't any room anywhere. All the bars/pubs/cafes were absolutely full (of Irish fans).

For the day I chose to wear my blue skirt, kind of as a support gesture.To make it a bit more interesting, I paired it with my new red cardigan. It's yet another thrifting find to be prepared for winter.

I've spent my Sunday mostly procrastinating, listening to Coldplay's and Florence's new albums and studying. Now it's time to watch this week's Gossip Girl episode and then I'm going to the cinema with my dad to see "Mulholland Drive".

Have a wonderful Father's Day, everyone !

skirt- h&m
shirt- random
belt- vintage
cardigan- thrifted
shoes- random
round ring- self made
watch- random
bracelet- from the flea market

Coldplay- Paradise


  1. beautiful outfit for the daytime! loving these colour of the skirt especially! :):)

    xx Ally

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  3. Liking the outfit, and the accessories..

    CMPang x


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