Complaint department

June 29, 2012

Lykke Li - Complaint Department

These pictures were taken on Wednesday, when it was unbelievably cold outside. My mom had just bought herself a new sweater and I decided to wear it, because apparently, something's wrong with our summer. I have so many wonderful ideas of what to wear, but all I can wear is jeans and a warm sweater, because it's about 10 degrees outside in the evening and going out bare-legged is crazy. On the bright side, Spain won that evening and today's weather was alright.

Kolmapäeval käisin taas linnas jalgpalli vaatamas ja kuna mu ema oli just ostnud endale uue sooja kampsuni, siis otsustasin selle kohe ka selga panna. Miks? Sest on nii külm, et paljaste jalgade ja kleidiga ei tahaks välja minna. Õnneks Hispaania siiski võitis selle mängu ja tänane ilm oli ka juba parem.

sweater- vero moda
jeans- vero moda
hat- lindex
loafers- vintage
bag- monki
(got in on my shopping trip to finland for just 10€!)


  1. Really beautiful look. Like it! :)
    And also your blog is amazing.

  2. Hi!

    beautiful sweater and I like your bag too :).

  3. that's very cute!
    that little bad looks so nice!


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