Les Specs

March 26, 2013

Bombshell news.. I have new glasses! This may come as a surprise, since I believe I have never worn glasses on the blog yet, but I've actually had them since 6th grade. Recently I found out that my vision had got a lot worse than before and the doctor advised me to wear glasses more often (or almost all the time), instead of the usual TV/computer/in class routine. So I chose myself a new cool pair and here they are, my new specs, featured in a fun portrait mash-up. This is definitely not going to be the only time when you'll see me wearing my glasses, because I actually like them!
What do you think, geek chic or Nerdy McNerderson? 
Väga suur uudis.. mul on uued prillid! See võib tulla mõnevõrra üllatusena, kuna ma pole vist kunagi blogis prille kandnud, kuigi mul on need olnud juba vist kuuendast klassist alates. Hiljuti sain teada, et mu nägemine on kõvasti halvemaks läinud ja arst soovitas rohkem prille kanda, mitte ainult telekat vaadates või koolis olles. Niisiis, valisin endale toredad uued prillid ja siin nad on, jälle ühes toredas portreedevalikus. See ei saa kindlasti olema ainuke kord, kui te mind prillidega näete, sest need prillid tõesti meeldivad mulle!
Mis te arvate, tõeline nohik või mitte?
pictures by Getter M.


  1. Mulle meeldivad, väga mõnusad prillid!



  2. Kindlasti mitte nohik. Selline armas daam pigem. :)
    Need prillid sobivad sulle ja tundub, et ka su stiiliga.

  3. LOVE your glasses! I am a photographer who takes pics of people wearing their glasses. Check it out on www.spectacularis.com and tell me what you think. I would love to feature you if you're ever in LA :) Cheers, Stacey xo

  4. great scarf ;) thanks for the comments


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)