My Christmas wishlist

December 24, 2013

There are few traditions on this blog, but my annual Christmas wishlist is one of them. When on previous years I've had quite certain things on my mind, then this year it's generally "all things pretty". Or a kind of recipe for the perfect lazy day at home - pretty undergarments, sparkly jewellery, good books and an amazing Christmas record, a perfectly fragrant candle and an organic body lotion. Doesn't all this just make you want to have a 24-hour lie-in? 
Merry Christmas, you lovely lot!

p.s. Yes, the hat is irrelevant, but pretty nevertheless.

Minu blogis ei ole eriti palju traditsioone, aga iga-aastane jõulusoovide kollaaž on üks neist. Eelmistel aastatel on mul üpris konkreetsed soovid olnud, aga sel aastal on nimekirjas lihtsalt "ilusad asjad". Või siis on see kõik ideaalne retsept ühes eriti mõnusaks ja laisaks koduseks päevaks - kena pesu, sädelevad ehted, head raamatud ja üks võrratu jõulune svingiplaat, mõnusalt lõhnav küünal ja looduslik kehakreem. Kas see ei tekita teis tahtmist terve ööpäeva voodis vedeleda? 
Imelisi jõule, te armsad inimesed!

p.s. Jah, see müts on natuke teemaväline, aga ilus sellegipoolest. 
1. Hanky Panky bra - because pretty underwear is the basis of pretty outfits, no?
2. Komo Koa wooden ring - such a cool heritage piece to keep a lifetime, the titanium and Koa wood don't wear out, so you can pass it on to your siblings/children and keep it in the family forever
3. Ryan Storer earcuff- because sparkle
4. Alexa Chung's "It" - surely it's the book of the year?
5. Shourouk earrings - again, because sparkle
6. Joik candle- when your room smells like cinnamon coffee, you simply can't be sad
7. Stella McCartney silk chemise - pretty nightwear brings beautiful dreams, everybody knows that
8. Joik body lotion - good for nature, good for you
9. "Luella's guide to English style" - it would be my bible, seriously
10. Shourouk statement necklace - you guessed it, sparkle!
11. Komo Koa titanium and wood bangle - something to wear every single day, I guess it's the next best piece after a Cartier love bracelet 
12. Tntees hat- when winter finally does arrive, one needs to be warm. And cute.
13. Robbie Williams "Swings both ways" - a must for a combined RW and swing music fan like me. Christmas spirit guaranteed!

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