Frankie says Relax

June 03, 2010

Another day off school, well technically school is over, just exams and consultations. I planned to go to the beach today to study, but there is no sun. But I'll go anyway at least it is warm. This is what I'm going to wear today. It is my new green romper, that I got from I also made a new pair of earrings, just like the ones on my blog header, but with a green bowtie. How original, right :)

Green romper-, wedges-thrifted, earrings-DIY, belt-thrifted

Järjekordne vaba päev, tegelikult kool on küll läbi, ainult eksamid ja konsultatsioonid veel .Tahtsin täna randa õppima ja päevitama minna, aga päikest ei ole. Aga ma lähen ikkagi:) See on mu uus roheline pükskostüüm , mille ma sain Tegin ühed uued kõrvaõngad ka, täpselt samasugused, nagu mu blogi pildil on, aga rohelised. Nii originaalne :)


  1. Cute romper! I love how the back is cut out. Paired perfectly with the wedges! xo


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