Headphones and treasures

June 01, 2010

So today was my day off from school ! Hurraa! I went to Les Petites to get my earrings, and to a fabric store, to buy some ribbon for more DIY earrings and rings. Then I met with Kätliin and Carolin. Both of them were models at ERKI fashion show. I'm quite sad that I couldn't go, but I'll definitely go next year. Or volunteer, like Kätu did, and then ended up as a model.I'm quite sad that I couldn't go, but I'll definitely go next year:) P.S All the models and the audience wore headphones and it was a silent show.

We went to Rotermann, Carolin bought a really cool hat and Kätu got a tunic with lace, adorable. Then Carolin had a casting and we got to hang out at the agency. We sat there for almost half an hour and then Margit( the woman who runs the agency) realized that the casting is on Thursday, not Tuesday. Oh well, time well spent :)
Then I remembered that I have a gift certificate for a book shop and I decided to find myself a perfect book for that. I had considered some great classic novels or a fashion magazine for that money, but I found something better. The perfect book for me was : Audrey Hepburn treasures. It was packed with amazing pictures and letters and tickets to her films. It was so interesting and awesome.It seemed so personal and like the perfect nightstand book.Only problem, the price. It was about $50.. But I hope that I can get it for my graduation present:)

Another cool book I found was Sex and the city: kiss and tell. Again, great pictures and not so much to read!

Well, I'm off to make some jewellery again, or do something useful. Yesterday I cleaned my closet..Carolin likes to say that when your closet is in order, then your life is in order. It is so totally true. I felt so good today :) Although it sounds like clothes are life.

Täna oli minu koolist vaba päev! Huraa! Käisin Les petites ja kangapoes ja sain Kätu ja Caroliniga kokku. Hängisime Rotermannis ja MJ modelsis. Carolin sai endale kaabu ja Kätliin sai laheda tuunika/kleidi. Pärast käisin raamatupoes ja leidsin endale superlaheda Audrey Hepburni raamatu, mis maksab 519 krooni. loodetavasti saan selle endale lõpukingiks. Koristasin eile kappi ja avastasin,elause" kui kapp on korras, siis elu on korras" on täiesti tõene.Tundsin end täna juba palju paremini:) Kuigi see kõlab nii, nagu riided oleks elu.

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