skipping in heels

June 10, 2011

This little shoot was inspired by the last episode of ANTM, where they had to portray different childhood games. Yesterday, I went to Getter's so we drew a hopscotch and snapped some photos. Afterwards we wanted to have a photoshoot, but when we got to our "set", we realized that if we stayed there for over 5 minutes, we would be eaten alive my mosquitoes. So our plan failed.
To get over the sadness and disappointment( OK, it wasn't that dramatic), we watched How I Met Your Mother and Thelma and Louise. I liked the movie just because of the end (and Brad Pitt). Otherwise, I think the plot was a bit boring. But they looked great :)

In addition to having a personal photographer, I also had a personal hairdresser. Getter was very proud of the braid she made :)

thrifted top from Viljandi, vintage pleated skirt, getter's shoes, getter's earrings


  1. vääga chic näed välja. ja kontsadega getteri juures keksu mängimas?? fancy värk :D

  2. I remember back in the days when i used to play this ;)

  3. I really really love these photos!! They're so pretty and lovely =) And the top you're wearing is really pretty too with the skirt =D

  4. love these pictures so much! come check outmy giveaway when you get a chance.

  5. thank you, your comments mean a lot to me :)

  6. I love these pictures, they are the essence of summer. Love your outfit as well


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)