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July 24, 2011

Yesterday I decided that there's no use in just sitting at home doing nothing alone so after a quick talk with Getter, we wound up just sitting at her home and doing nothing together. Actually we did do something .. we watched HIMYM, made sushi, played Scrabble, hanged on tumblr. We had planned to end the night watching Easy A, but instead we watched old pictures and had a good laugh.
Plus, it gave me a reason to wear my new shorts. Remember the giveaway at Selective Potential, that I won? I could choose myself something from Shopkempt and I chose these shorts. They are just wonderful. I love that they are so flowy, I love the colour, the little tie detail, the pockets and well.. the shortness.
And yes, these pictures are taken on a swing. Getter's idea. But I like them :)
shorts c/o Shopkempt
thrifted vest
random brand top
thrifted bag
sunglasses borrowed from Getter
shoes from my mom
necklace from my grandmom
DIY ring(ring base+old earrings glued together)


  1. imeeline pildi idee, getter! ja imeilusad püksid, piiks! :)

  2. I saw your outfit on lookbook and found your blog from that. I've just read through every post on your blog. It is really good. Keep up the good work from a girl in England :).

  3. I love how the background is moving. That such a cool effect :D

    How did you do it!?

    Castle Fashion

  4. Thank you so so much guys.

    Yasmeen: since it's on a swing, then ..we swung at the same time. It was kind of difficult to hold balance( escpecially Getter, she had the camera!), but it was so much fun:D

  5. i loved these pictures! the movement can really be felt!


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