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July 22, 2011

Last Saturday, Getter and I went to the flea market. When we went out, it was a clear, sunny weather, but when we got to the flea market, it was pouring rain and of course we didn't have an umbrella with us. So we basically ran through the whole thing and then went to F-Hoone to have tea and dry. At first I was wearing my brown cardigan, but I bought this new white one and I switched into it afterwards because dry cardigan beats wet and cold cardigan any time. And because of the rain and humid weather my hair turned into a curly mess, but now, looking at those pictures, it doesn't look that bad. It's fun to have really curly hair instead of my usual waves.
After the flea market we visited the Tallinn Maritime Days. I wanted to see a ship called Krusenstern, mostly because my grandfather has sailed on it. It looked spectacular, the contrast between the modern ships and the old wooden ship was amazing. And then the sky turned really dark and evil and it was a perfect background for the ship. 
 thirfted skirt and top, bag,ring and cardigan from the flea market, flats borrowed from Getter,

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