90's kid

August 25, 2011

Being a true girl of the nineties I love the comeback that my first decade is making. It is quite weird to think that soon something that was bought in the nineties will be considered vintage. That makes me feel really old..
Anyway, when I first saw this top at the sales, I was completely broke and decided that when I get money, I'll hope it's still there for me to buy. And it was! Plus it was even cheaper. I didn't even consider wearing it as it was, I immediately took a pair of scissors and chopped the bottom off it. Another lovely thing about that top is that from the front it seems like the plainest grey shirt, but at the back.. party ! I love the open back detail so much !
I wore it today to the movies. I went to see "Smurfs" with my sister, Getter and her siblings.I remembered that I used to have a Smurfs puzzle when I was little so when their little mushroom houses appeared on the screen, I felt a bit nostalgic. Other than that..it was a fun movie. But I think that I mostly laughed over the movie, not because of the jokes. Phrases like son of a smurf, what the smurf, I think I just smurfed, get the smurf out of hereI smurf you and so on just get a little ridiculous and annoying by the end of the movie. Oh, and Neil Patrick Harris spoke in Estonian. Now, that was hilarious !
Well, I think I'm going to go and search for the puzzle now and leave you with one of my favourite songs from when I was 5.

Spice Girls- Stop
(I was a huge fan ! My favourite was Baby Spice aka Emma)

 top-terranova(cropped it myself)
skirt-from my aunt
braided bracelets-DIY
bowtie bracelet-sepppälä
pearl bracelet-flea market

p.s. sorry for the blurriness of the pictures, they're taken by a 10-year-old.


  1. Love your outfit. Very cute. Great shots by the 10year old. Xxxx

  2. I'm a nineties kid too! lol my sister takes my pics too!

  3. love your skirt..very trendy!

  4. wooow!!!! polka dots!!!


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