Golden girl

August 23, 2011

Summer is back! At least for now. Today was sunny and warm and just a lovely August day.
I sadly discovered that I hadn't worn my favourite shoes nearly as much as I'd wanted to, so today gave the perfect opportunity to make things right. Even if I had to be on my feet the whole day, even if I nearly fell and stumbled many times on the not so even paths of Patarei, it was still worth it. I have no idea what's it about the shoes that makes me love them as much as I do, because well.. they're golden ! But the straps and the chunky heel and the fact that they are really comfortable makes up for their lack of perfection in colour.
Now about why I was at the deserted prison area... It's a really cool spot right on the Culture kilometer, which used to be a jailhouse, but is now a cultural place. They even have a beach and a cafe ! And I like the architecture so so much, it's really as beautiful as a prison house can be. I'm a total architecture junkie, by the way. I want to hear Ted's fun facts about New York!
Anyway, I had a photo shoot with Getter and Kaisa. The theme was.. glasses. It might sound weird, but we had gathered a perfect set of three pairs of glasses, each of them odd in their own way.
Right now, I'll leave you all full of expectations and I hope you have a wonderful week !

shoes- Sacha London
top- gina tricot(actually a dress)
clock ring- selfmade
stackable rings-flea market
bracelet-vintage(actually a necklace)


  1. I adore these photos, your hair is super cute! And I love your outfit - the skirt is beautiful :)

  2. love your hair:)try it so often but never get this:)La Folie 

  3. thanx for the tip my dear:)))

  4. thank you for the comments :)

  5. Where did you get this skirt? I'm trying to find it for my wife, she loves it.

  6. Chad: I got it from a thrift store, I guess. You could check Etsy or Ebay for vintage midi skirt, for example.


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)