City lights

August 18, 2011

This Tuesday night I went to another Guerrilla Cinema screening. This time it was at
Harju street and the film was "Our man in Havana" based on Graham Greene's book. It was a really cool black-and-white spy movie. I've also read the book about three years ago and I've had the movie on my movie-list since then, so it was a perfect choice :)
I made the necklace the same day. I absolutely love this COS necklace that seems to give every usual outfit that little spice.  And then one day I remembered a really cool zipper necklace that I'd wanted to do myself for ages and I got myself together to buy the zippers and start. Turns out, it's exactly what my accessories collection was lacking.
Sadly, I think I managed to get a flu that evening. I wasn't exactly very warmly dressed and it was a bit windy. Now I just hope it won't get worse. It feels a bit strange to be ill in summer, though..
The pictures were taken after the cinema, at about midnight. Getter had a change to play with flash and Kaisa was her lovely assistant. Some guys even asked us if we were professional photographer/model. I must give them credit for a good pick-up line.
Have a lovely week, everyone ! 
the superawesome photography duo and me ..
sweater- zara
skirt- thrifted
clutch- DIY
bracelets- from the flea market+DIY
shoes-random brand

(I just had to put this song here..)


  1. The joy of recognition stroke today. I had made a similar necklace the other day. Source of inspiration for it: the same blog. Andy's StyleScrapbook. Well, I made it using felt, but I have to say pretty creative of you to use zippers. Huh, never thought of it. Darn it:D.

    PS: I have been drooling for that COS necklace since I saw it on Andy's blog.

    You can check out my necklace here:

    Ma oleksin loomulikult võinud kirjutada eesti keeles, aga kuna me mõlemad otsustasime blogida inglise keeles, siis kommentaar i.k tundus kohane. Don't you agree;)

  2. Nice posts, and love your photos on blog, really creative!
    Bookmarked! Maybe follow too?


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