simple as a walk in the park

August 20, 2011

I spent Wednesday evening with Getter at Kalamaja. It was yet another outdoor cinema.The movie was "Impromtu" with a really really young Hugh Grant who played Chopin. It was a cute romantic comedy, nothing too special.

Before the movie we discovered a really cute park. Turns out that Tallinn in fact has wonderful central-park-like parks. This wonderful one is situated right next to the Culture kilometer in Kalamaja. Of course, my mind began to wander how sometime in the future I'm living in a cool Kalamaja apartment in a scenic old wooden house and in the morning I can go for a jog in the park with my dog. Or the same thing in New York with a brownstone and Central Park.
Since it is the end of August already and the nights are quite chilly, I decided to wear warmer clothes and not rely on the blankets that they might have. And it seems that my suede jacket and scarf did the trick, it was not cold. Oh, and the story behind this scarf is that I found it from a thrift store ages ago for an incredibly cheap price. The tag on it says Burberry and the true optimist in me likes to believe that this is a real Burberry scarf. Even if my friends make fun of me because of that. The scarf is a Burberry and forever will be.
Enjoy these (somewhat goofy) pictures and I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

 suede blazer-vintage
flats-random brand
braided bracelets-DIY
pearl bracelet- flea market
neckalce- from expressions


  1. oota, kui sa kopli kalmistuparki näed. siis sa minestad ära!!!!!

  2. ma olen käinud seal !! see oli tõesti veel lahedam, kuigi öösel ei julgeks :D

  3. Hi :) Thank you the hypes on lookbook and for messaging me :) I am following you now :) hope you follow me too..


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