As simple as it gets

October 11, 2011

Just a simple and classical school outfit - jeans, blazer, Breton top. A friend asked me if I had new jeans.. no, I just rolled them up *hipster alert*, but it looks so different ! 

After reading all my favourite blogs today, I kind of feel like complaining about the weather. Feel free to skip this part. All the bloggers from Middle-Europe or Southern-Europe made posts about their first fall outfits, that included boots and sweaters and all that. And they wrote that they don't have to wear tights yet. What is this nonsense of a weather we're having in Estonia then? The last time I checked, October was still an autumn month. I've worn tights since the beginning of September. It has been raining so much and I can't wear my wonderful new shoes, so I'm stuck with my rubber-boots. And I know that snow isn't far anymore. So while other parts of the continent have early fall, we have early winter ?! I know, it has always been so, but winter, please wait a bit before you come this year, okay ? That's all. 

In other news, the HURTS concert is on Friday already !! Seriously, can not wait for it !

  top- lindex
jeans- gina tricot
bag- JOUNI exclusive
blazer- thrifted
sneakers- borrowed from getter
(it was either these, my ballerinas or rubber boots..)
bowtie bracelet- seppälä
silver bracelet- flea market
rings- vintage

p.s. sorry for the partially blurry and messy pictures. wearing sneakers just made me want to jump around..


  1. Cute look, simple&chic. Lovely jewellery + great bag ;O

    xx indie by heart

  2. This outfit is so simple yet chic and perfect for the Fall season. I love to take jumping pictures even when I am not wearing sneakers :) Thanks for the outfit post!

  3. simple, yet amazing! the blazer and the jewelry add something fabulous to this outfit tho! loving em

  4. ahh smart casual, love it!!
    great look babe..
    xx milla

  5. thx for your lovely comment !!
    cute outfit, love your blazer :)
    would you like to follow each other ?
    melina from

  6. Nice photos, love this casual outfit! Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  7. Very cute outfit dear!
    You look very nice ;)

    I am your new follower!
    Would you like to follow me back?


  8. great look and amazing pics!
    love your style!


Thank you for all of your sweet comments! :)