The dream shoes

October 09, 2011

One night a few weeks ago I had a dream, where I saw the most perfect fall boots. Plus they were extremely cheap so when I woke up I was really sad that I can't have them. A few nights later, I saw them again, only this time they had a wedge heel, and again they didn't cost that much. They looked kind of like these Paul&Joe boots or these Bullboxer ones( which are also sold in Estonia, but my mother thought that they are too high for me..)
After those epiphanies I knew that it's time to go on the hunt for new boots. None of the pairs I saw in the shops were really "the dream shoe for the right price". So today, when I spotted these at Kaubamaja I thought that if I can't have the shoe of my dreams, I'll have the second best. This way I can cross the isabel-marantish-boots off my wishlist.

And that's the story of how I got new boots.


  1. Love these boots, good buy :)
    Would be super lovely if you visit my blog too!

  2. We really love the boots! Your sense of style is really amazing! Very nice post!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!



  3. Great post. i hope you can check out mine and share some comments!

  4. i like them!!
    ther is a GIVEAWAY on my blog.)
    join it if u like

    kissesss irene

  5. Kaubamaja jalatsiosakond on ka mind mitmel korral väga positiivselt üllatada suutnud. just igasuguste huvitavate maailmatasemel brändidega, mida teised kingapoed millegipärast ei müü..
    ja Sinu saapad on ka muidugi kenad :)

  6. ja veel, väga kihvt blogi on Sul! ma imestan, et alles nüüd selle avastuse tegin. said uue follower'i igatahes :P

  7. wowo love your shoes. perfect for fall

  8. Oh those boots are perfect for Autumn! Love.

  9. love them! the heel is just perfect, bet they i super comfortable :)

  10. Love those boots, beautiful, simple and they must be comfy too =) xxx

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