September 20, 2012

The XX- Angels

It seems that my collection of leopard print items is slowly growing. Today I was wearing once again this amazing leopard-collar dress and  I paired it with this amazing pair of leopard-print loafers from Sarenza. My dream of owning a pair has finally come true! I also decided to add my extremely badass studded belt, so the outfit wouldn't be too boring (can something be boring with leopard print, really?).
In other news, I'm going to St.Petersburg tomorrow with my class! I have waited so long for this trip, I bet that it's going to be amazing. What could be better than spending 4 days in a magnificent city with my friends? And you can be sure that I'll be bringing these loafers with me.

Täna kandsin veelkord seda imelist leopardikraega kleiti. Minu uued leopardimustrilised kingad Sarenzast sobivad selle kleidiga täiesti suurepäraselt, kas te ei arva? Ja et kogu komplekt väga igav ei oleks (kas see on loomamustriga üldse võimalik?), otsustasin lisada oma väga karmi needivöö.
Muide, homme lähen oma klassiga Peterburi! Ma olen seda reisi nii kaua oodanud ja see tuleb kindlasti megavinge! Võite kindlad olla, et ma võtan need kingakesed endaga ka sinna kaasa!

 dress- thrifted zara (similar)
loafers- elite c/o (similar)
belt- thrifted (similar)
rings- thrifted (similar)
 pictures by Getter M.

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  1. Love your shoes!
    Greetings from India

  2. This is so cute! I love it(:

  3. Love the belt <3



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