Summer pics vol. 2- July

September 13, 2010

Football at the Vabaduse square. Obviously I was on Germany's side, unfortunately Spain  won. They were both my favourites, but I had to choose one:)
In Kadrioru park with Getter, enjoying the amazingly hot summer in a fountain :) Thank you nice tourist lady for taking a picture of us :)
In the rose garden, with my family:) It was so beautiful, so many pretty flowers that all smelled so good :)
In Põlva. I'm wearing Kertu's dress, it is from H&M
On the lake with our mattresses. They say that you get the best tan, when you're surrounded with water, well we all kind of burned so, i guess that it is true :)
Kaisa's birthday. From the left- Annabel, me, Getter, Kätliin, Merelle. It is a pity that instead of free milk-shakes , we got free pancakes.
At some beach near Tallinn with Pirje and my mom. At that time I was reading Sofi Oksanen's "Puhastus/ Cleansing(?) ". It is a really good book, I really like the way it is written. Totally recommend it to everyone:)
Almost-outside picnic at Getter's. We are all wearing similar shoes, because Getter got about 5 pairs for free. Most of the pictures are taken with my almost-vintage camera from the ninties. I like the way they came out, they kind of remind me of my childhood:)


  1. appi, eelviimane pilt on lihtsalt niii nii nii lahe! kõik on perfect!

  2. you have gorgeous style!

  3. Kollane seelik on väga ilus :)

  4. Annabel: Mulle ka hullult meeldib, viimane on ka lahe :)
    Eliise: Aitäh:)
    Eunice: Thank you very much ! :)


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