I wish I had summer, Italy , a Vespa and the sixites

October 31, 2010

 I am such a lazy blogger, so I suggest you follow me on Twitter, it seems that I post much more stuff in there. But I'll try to keep up with blogging too, I promise.
Our only plan was to do a lot of thrift shopping and I can say that I succeeded . I got 3 skirts, 2 tops and tights. A black maxi skirt, black short skirt, brown almost-maxi skirt with buttons, one-shoulder  floral summer top, navy shirt with golden buttons and white tights with little birdies on the side. I am sure, that you'll see most of the thing on this blog sooner or later, be patient :) I don't want to take pictures of them on a hanger, because that is so plain..

Dinner at Zakzak.I had smoked salmon pasta with veggies, Getter had smoked garlic soup. Both- delicious !

Trying to enjoy the last bits of beautiful autumn. There's something up with Getter's camera, and it leaves all the edges blurry. Sorry for that.

We saw this old fountain and it was so creepy. It looked so deserted and spooky. We both have very lively imagination and could very well imagine someones dead body in there. Very suitable for Halloween :)

A cute coffee-break in cafe Viljandi( yes, that name just is genius ! )


  1. Kas esimesel pildil olev kaamera töötab ka? mul endal ka selline olemas :)Aga pole vist töökorras.

  2. lovely pics! and what a great trench you're wearing


  3. jajaa.. esimesel pildil olev kaamera töötab, kui pildid välja tulid (sest viimane film läks veidi metsa) siis neid suure tõesnäosusega saab siit ka näha:D

  4. aitäh.. getter!
    Linda: mul on ka kodus selline, aga ma ei viitsi end kätte võtta ja sellega pildistada :)


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