One dress, three outfits #2

July 08, 2013

Here's the second part of my "dress versatility challenge". For some reason, this outfit reminded me of Taylor Swift, a lot. As I put it on, a mixtape of her songs started to play in my head. And I'm not just saying that to sound witty, it actually happened! So if there are any massive Swifty fans reading this post, I apologise for any misconceptions I might have about her. But, since this post is so overly cheeky and girlie and reminiscent of a pop-princess, let's play a game! I want you to count all the Taylor Swift song references in this post and let me know in the comments! The one who counts the most, will get a special shout-out in the next post and a lot of glory for their awesome knowledge.
On to the actual outfit! The dress kind of styles itself on its own. Every idea I had, fit with it perfectly. My second idea for this dress was to pair it with Converse sneakers and some denim and lace. OK, Taylor would never wear Converse, like.. ever. I guess she only wears short skirts while I wear sneakers with them too. I got the jacket on a recent trip to the thrift shops and I just had to save this cute little number from its probable destiny of one day lying on the cold hard ground, forgotten by everyone and completely devastated. I also got that bowtie, but paired with the outfit, it makes me feel rather 12 instead of 22.
This is by far the most fun I've ever had while writing a post and I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did! Looking forward to your answers!

See on minu teine "tõesta, et kleit on mitmekülgne" postitus. Millegipärast meenutas see komplekt mulle tohutult Taylor Swifti ja seda selga pannes hakkasid kohe peas tema lood mängima. Ingliskeelses osas on tänu sellele ka vahva mänguke! Eesti keeles see kahjuks ei töötaks.
Igatahes, minu teine idee kleidi kandmiseks oli panna see kokku oma valgete tennistega ning teksa ja pitsiga. Sain selle jaki ühelt hiljutiselt kaltsukatuurilt ja ei suutnud seda sinna niisama vedelema jätta! Lipsukese sain ka samal päeval ja tundus kuidagi õige neid koos kanda.  

 dress- house
sneakers- converse
bag- custom made
hair bowtie- thrifted
ring- diy
pictures by Getter M.


  1. great dress! :)

  2. oo, mis kaltsukast sa siukseid jakke veel välja võlud?

  3. @Anette: selle sain Koselt, mingi täiesti nurgatagune koht :D

  4. Of the three, this is my favorite!


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